Hey Finals are around the corner

it;s that time again.

For the last 2 summers I have attended classes at Ai , (no breaks for this guy) and this is my favorite time… finals, because after finals we finally get a 3 week break in which we can enjoy what’s left of the summer. That is if you are a 20 something, if you are a cough cough middle cough age cough person then it’s just more time to work and do things around the house, no fun lol. This is the life of an adult learner and I am digging it all.

Was just reading a the Mike Davidson blog, man I would love to hang out with that guy, he has such a great sense of humor and for the lack of better words at the moment, just seems like a really cool dude, ya know what I mean ?

Anyways my boys are addicted to minecraft and I was shown their ‘new homes’ one’s a ‘Cave Man’ and the other just has a ‘Normal House’ lol I tried to do something with them but unlike my better minded wife, when I see that they are thoroughly enjoying themselves, I leave them along, that way I can get more of the stuff I need to get done done lol . No really I do make the boys do things with me, we go hicking with the dogs and I’ll take them to the beach, what ever they want, but I can never seem to get us to go to the local “Y”. Every time I ask if they want to go, I get that ‘ahhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaa ‘ kinda thing where they are not even acknowledging me , still staring at their computer screens or game counsel screen; (our 55″ Plasma T.V )! What ‘cha  going to do these days ?


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